Buying and building

To buy or build a home in the South Struma Valley may be a very wise decision, to use for permanent living, as a holiday home or as a pure investment. Our reasons for giving this recommendation, are the following:

  • The valley has a Mediterranean climate, the best in Bulgaria.
  • The natural beauty of the valley.
  • The good communications that will be much improved by the motorway the EU will be funding.
  • The short distance to the famous ski station in Bansko (90 minutes by car) and to the beaches of Greece (same time).
  • The beneficiary effects of the many mineral springs.
  • The low property prices, the lowest in Europe.
  • The Bulgarians are friendly people, welcoming the foreigners.

The property market in the South Struma Valley hardly exists. You can visit a hundred villages without seeing a poster telling that a house is for sale. Only in the two biggest cities, Sandanski and Petrich, you will find real estate offices. Nevertheless, there are many properties for sale, if you approach with care and respect.

In the bigger cities there are apartments for sale, both new and second hand, as well as houses. According to advertisements in newspapers, apartments with 1 bedroom can be had at prices from 30,000 Euro.

In the villages you can be offered building plots from 4,000 Euro, and old houses (often without water and sewage connected) from 5,000. You can also buy new construction, at various stages of finishing, from prices below 20,000 Euro. You can repair an old house at prices around 200 Euro per m², and build a new one from 250 to 500 Euro.

Open to foreigners

A foreigner can buy a property in Bulgaria without almost any restrictions. However, if you buy a property with land (like a house with garden) you must make the purchase through a Bulgarian company. To start up a company is not complicated or costly.

As in any country, you must investigate well before purchasing. A lawyer should make due diligence before you hand over any money. It is normal to pay 10% deposit on the private purchasing contract and the rest on signing the notarial deed together with the vendor.