You can live better in the South Struma Valley, for several reasons:

  • There is little stress in the many small villages in the valley, you are not forced into a hectic life. The cockerel will wake you up in the morning, and other animals join into the choir. You walk to the local shop and buy newly baked bread or rolls for a leisurely breakfast.
  • The climate is Mediterranean, with dry and clean air, you can be outdoors almost all year, only on a few days in the winter you have to heat a well built house.
  • You can stretch your pension maybe 40 % when living in our valley, due to the very modest costs of almost all commodities. This situation will last for some time. The Euro will not be introduced tomorrow.
  • The natural beauty of the valley is extraordinary, with snowcapped mountains on both sides, some close to 3,000 metres of altitude, the mountain side clad with forests and meadows and many smaller streams feeding the Struma river.

Come and see for yourself!