Bulgarian secret

Bulgaria is a great country to visit or to live in.

Not so much when it comes to surface. Among the member states of the European Union it has an average size (111,000 kmĀ²). Neither when referring to number of inhabitants (7.7 million).

But Bulgaria has a great variety of landscapes and much natural beauty. Several mountain ranges with peaks reaching for the 3,000 meter mark; green valleys with rushing streams or rivers; wide plains and a 354 kilometer coast line on the Black Sea.

There are hundreds of towns in the country, but when looking closer you will find that a town maybe has 50 or more settlements and villages, often with distinctive character or architectural styles.

Bulgaria has managed to preserve its folk culture. In many towns old centers are an attraction to visitors, in all regions you find villages with unique houses and building traditions. Bulgarian folk music, song and dances are well known and present in daily life.

Bulgaria is manageable to a foreign visitor. You can visit most of it during a vacation of some weeks. But to really become acquainted with the country, you need more time.

Living in Bulgaria

And if you are thinking of buying a property in Bulgaria, as an investment, as a holiday home or for more permanent settlement, you should travel the country before deciding. Or you buy a small property as a preliminary bridgehead from where you can explore the different regions.

As a citizen from one of the countries of the European Union or the European Economic Area, there are no difficulties to live or buy a property in Bulgaria. You can become a non-resident property owner, or a permanent resident. You can bring with you a car registered in your home country, or you can buy a car in Bulgaria. When the country became a member of the EU in the beginning of 2007, it adopted more of the European legislation than many older member countries.

It is difficult to describe all of Bulgaria on one web site. So we have decided to present only one of the regions, a part of the country not yet well known. We feel that this part of Bulgaria is distinct from the rest of the country, that it has advantages not shared by other regions, when it comes to climate, landscape and location. But so far this region is not well known, it is a well kept secret, even without a name, so far. We call it South Struma Valley and invite you to visit the valley and share the secret with us