Getting there

It all depends where you are living: From most countries in Northern Europe there are low cost air flights to Sofia or to Thessaloniki in Greece. From both airports it takes approximately 90 minutes to drive to our valley: When the EU has built a motorway from Thessaloniki to Sofia through the valley, given top priority, the driving time will be considerably shortened.

The European Union has several important transport projects in their member state Bulgaria. One of them is the motorway from the capital Sofia over the open border between Bulgaria and Greece to Thessalonika, with its international airport and further on to Athens. This motorway will connect with the network of motorways in Europe, reducing the travelling time from Northern and Central Europe to the South Struma Valley.

Motorway axis map
Click to enlage PDF map showing the planned motorway axis

Already today there are trains and buses going through the valley from Sofia to Thessaloniki and vice versa. In the years to come, such connections will be greatly improved, due to funding from the EU.

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