The only hotel tourism in the South Struma Valley is located in Sandanski, connected with the important mineral springs there. Sandanski has been a Spa city since the 5th century, due to the climate of the valley, and the propensities of its mineral water.

Outside Sandanski, where one five-star, several four-star hotels as well as cheaper hotels and apartments can be found, there are few hotels in the valley. Petrich has one four-star hotel and some cheaper. Along the main road (E 79) there are hotels and motels for overnight stay by lorry-drivers.

The catering is concentrated to the centres of the cities Sandanski and Petrich, plus the ones along the main road.

Tourism in Bulgaria has so far been concentrated along the Black Sea coast and in the skiing areas. But more and more tourists and property buyers are going inland to hundreds of towns and villages, with varied and beautiful landscapes and very low priced old cottages. There are now important groups of foreigners, especially Irish and British, living in the villages of the Balkan mountains. The first foreign pioneers have also come to the villages of South Struma Valley.

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