The South Struma Valley embraces 4 municipalities:

Kresna (Кресна) is the first municipality you meet when going south on the E 79 from Sofia and Blagojevgrad, after you have passed the gorge that river Struma has carved into the hillsides. Kresna has a number of interesting villages and settlements, we can mention the beautiful village of Gorna Breznitsa, next to the nature reservate of Tisata; Dolna Gradeshnitsa, with its mineral spring and the mountain village Vlahi.

Strumjani or Strumyani (Струмяни) is the next municipality, with more than 20 villages and settlements, like the art village of Ilindentsi, the quaint village of Palat, and the mountain villages of Tsjaparevo, Igralisjte, Nikutin, Razdol and Dobri Laki.

Sandanski (Сандански) is known all over the world for its mineral springs and its Spas for treatment of a number of health problems. The town has a number of hotels, restaurants and bars. There are also a number of other interesting places within the municipality, like the museum town Melnik, with the nearby monastery Roschen, and a great number of villages, like Debrene, Dsjigurovo, Ljubovka, Laskarevo, Tsjeresnitsa, Hotovo, Kalimantsi, Kovachevo, Ploski, Vranja and the mountain village Pirin.

Petrich (Петрич) is the southernmost municipality in South Struma Valley, on the very border to Greece. In west it borders the Republic of Macedonia. The town has a few hotels and many restaurants and shops. 55 villages and settlements belongs to the municipality, among them the border village Kulata, Marikostinovo with mineral spring and mud baths, and Rupite with its mineral spring.


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