Population and area

South Struma Valley is our name on the part of the valley starting where the gorge opens up, consisting of 4 municipalities: Kresna, Strumyani, Sandanski and Petrich. The province Blagojevgrad has an extension of 6.449 km² (Cyprus 9.250, Luxembourg 2.586) and a population of 341.173.

The municipality of Kresna has an extension of 650 km² and a population of 3.613, distributed in 10 townships and villages. Strumyani has 366 km² and 6596 inhabitants distributed in 21 townships and villages. Sandanski has an area of 1.060 km2 and 47.795 inhabitants in 54 towns and villages. Petrich has an area of 650 km² and 63.113 inhabitants in 56 towns and villages.